Some of the finest seafood brought to you including lobsters, mussels, langoustines, brown crab and more. At Tish's Fish you can also find traditional seafood pots including Jellied Eels, Cockles, Dressed Crab, Mussels and more.


—  Seafood—




—  Diver Scallop—
Hand picked in our Cornish shores

—  Dressed Crabs  —
Hand picked cornish crab meat, dressed and ready to eat.

—  Cockles  —
Jam packed in a pot with vinigar

—  Jellied Eeels—

—  Mussels  —
Ready to eat, in a pot with vinegar

—  Mussels  —
From our Scotland, sold live in 1kg bags

—  Whelks—
Both ready to eat and fresh available